How do I become a member?

For information regarding the process of becoming an ASP member, visit our HOW IT WORKS page.

I want to purchase more than 4 sneakers a month, can I?

Due to the high demand of limited-release sneakers, our platform aims to provide equality and fairness to our sneaker community. As such, we do not allow customers with a subscription to purchase more than 4 sneakers per month. That being said, it is highly encouraged that you request as many sneakers as you want. If you attempt to purchase more than your allotted amount of sneakers in a month, your order will be canceled. If you attempt to do this more than 3 times your account will be suspended.

What if I don’t purchase my allotted sneaker amount in a month?

Though it is recommended, it is not required that you purchase your maximum each month. Keep in mind that your allotment does not accumulate or rollover, so your opportunity to purchase sneakers in that month will be lost. Be sure to keep your wishlist up to date and check your email for updates on your sneaker requests.

Do unused sneaker allotments ‘rollover’ or accumulate?

No, the amount of sneakers you purchase in a month do not rollover or accumulate. In other words, at the start of each month the number of sneakers you can purchase will be automatically reset to 4.

What if the sneaker I want is sold out or not in my size?

If the sneaker you want sells out or is not in your size, let us know you want more of this sneaker by using our Sneaker Search Engine and adding it to your Wishlist. You can also tell us the sizes you are looking for under ‘My Sizes’. Be sure to move quickly to get the sneakers you want. Also, please be aware that most sneakers will be added based on their cumulative demand of all members on the site.

If I don’t like any of the sneakers on the site what should I do?

Every sneaker is not for every person and we understand that! If you aren’t satisfied with the sneakers currently available, be sure to let us know what it is that you want by using our Sneaker Search Engine and adding it to your Wishlist. Be sure to check the website and our social media frequently to see what new sneakers we added!

How often are new sneakers added?

New kicks are added to the ASP marketplace continuously throughout the month. Be sure to check back often to see what shoes are available!

How do I cancel my subscription?

As an ASP Memeber you can manage your subscription on the 'My Subscriptions' page of your account. If you no longer choose to be a member but fail to cancel your subscription before the next month's renewl you will not be refunded. This is a strict policy, so don’t wait until the last minute!

I have a different question, what should I do?

Didn’t find the answers you were looking for? No problem! Find the link to our contact page below and fill out the form. We’ll be sure to contact you whatever your inquiry may be.


How do I request sneakers?

ASP Members request sneakers by filling out their wishlist. The ‘Wishlist’ functionality can be found under the user drop down menu. To add items to your wishlist head over to our ‘Sneaker Search Engine’. For more information about searching for sneakers visit the question "I’m having trouble finding the sneaker I am looking for in the Search Engine, what should I do?"

How many shoes can I request?

There is no limit to how many sneakers you can request but we will be able to fulfill however ever many sneakers your plan promises.

What kind of shoes can I request?

You can request any sneaker that you desire. If a sneaker has not been released yet you may consider purchasing retail drop slots that will provide you with the chance to acquire sneakers at retail price.

I requested a sneaker, now what?

Our team at ASP will check daily for sneakers you request. Once you have requested a sneaker, you can check the 'Status' section on your 'Request Sneakers' page to get updates. It is important to note that not every sneaker you request will be available for purchase immediately. However, once your sneaker is in your reserved we will inform you and hold it exclusively for your purchase until your next months renewal.

How long will it take to get the shoes I want?

Here at ASP we want to provide you the best deals possible in the market. This means some deals may take longer than others. This is why we ask that all customers give our ASP Sneaker Gathering team at least a full week to find potential leads on the sneakers you have requested and another week for us to receive and inspect the sneaker for you before they are available for your purchase.

How will I know if a sneaker I request is going up on the site?

You will be notified via email of each sneaker that you have requested that has been acquired by the ASP team and is available for purchase as well as the expiration date on your sneaker reserve period.

How long are my sneakers reserved for?

Once your requested sneaker has come in, you will be notified and have up until the 'hold until' date to purchase.

How come I’m not getting the sneakers I request?

Please allow our ASP sneaker gathering team at least 1 full week to inform you about the progress on sneakers you have requested. While we guarantee to fulfill so many sneakers at a given time we cannot guarantee whichwe will fulfill. Further, there may be several reasons as to why you have not been alerted that we have the sneakers you have requested. The most frequent reason as to why you were not alerted to get the sneakers you want is because the sneaker(s) you have requested fall outside of the price range of your tier. In that case you would need to upgrade your tier in order to purchase those sneakers. For any further inquiries about why you have not received sneakers please contact us directly.

What is the Sneaker Search?

Our Sneaker Search Engine is a feature for ASP Members to search and request the sneakers they are looking forward to purchasing on ASP.


How are the resale prices calculated?

ASP takes pride in ensuring our customers get the most consistent discounts on all sneakers that we offer. In order to ensure that our community is receiving the most competitive pricing, we calculate our resale prices by averaging the market value from the most popular sneaker resellers. We then use our very own Sneaker Value Formula to assess the discount our ASP members will receive.

What condition are the sneakers in?

Unless stated otherwise, all sneakers on ASP are deadstock (brand new).

Do you authenticate the sneakers on your site?

The ASP team ensures that all of our sneakers have been vetted and authenticated before being posted to the website. If you believe a shoe you receive from ASP to be inauthentic, please reach out and contact us!

What is your refund policy?

Once an order has been fulfilled, ASP – under no circumstance – will issue a refund or accept a trade for a product purchased. We have a strict all sales final/no refund policy. Please make sure you pay close attention to the size and price before you purchase. If you realize you have made a mistake, you have up until you receive tracking information to contact us and cancel an order.

How are sneakers shipped?

Sneakers are shipped in a standard box on standard business days with the cheapest available 3-5 day shipping. Tracking will be included with every order so there is no need to worry about when the sneakers will arrive.


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