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Treasure Cove #4: Kicking off Your Week with The Latest in Sneaker News

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Welcome to ASP’s Weekly Sneaker News event, Treasure Cove. Here, you’ll find news covering a wide array of topics: the popular, the bizarre, the intriguing and the rumored. While each Treasure Cove will be different, the one thing you can always expect is we’re guaranteed to be celebrating a love for the thing that likely brought you here – sneakers!

On this week’s edition of #TreasureCove, we examine a sports legend’s latest sneaker, look into Nike and Sacai’s latest collaboration, and vent a little about fire sneakers not being in our size ☹

Sacai x Nike Back At It with the Cortez

Japanese fashion mainstays Sacai have a brief, but storied history with Nike. The Nike x Sacai LD Waffle released May 2019 and took the sneaker world by storm, earning “Sneaker of the Year” awards from many. The double layered theme of the sneaker (two tongues, two lace sets, two mid soles, etc.) managed to be just the right amount of quirky and unique without sacrificing any of the “cool”.

Fast forward over a year later to the release of the even more ambitiously zany Nike x Sacai Vaporwaffle – a sneaker that was also well received – and it’s clear that Nike x Sacai is a partnership not going anywhere anytime soon.

Now, the mad scientists at Sacai are putting their own spin on another classic silhouette – the Cortez.

The aggressively double stacked approach returns with a sneaker that bridges the traditional with the unique. The sneaker looks like a Cortez from the future.

Will you be copping a pair? What’s your favorite Nike x Sacai collaboration? Sound off below

Serena Williams & Nike Serve Up Another Collaboration

Serena Williams’ relationship with Nike is storied. The certified tennis GOAT has served up quite a few classics on the hard top and in the retail market, but none exude quite as much sophistication as the upcoming Serena Williams x Air Force 1 in Lapis colorway.

The sneaker's Lapis (blue) upper is decorated in embossed floral patterns and gold accents. Does it remind anyone else of the “Watch the Throne” album cover?

Talk to most sneakerheads, and I’ll bet there’s at least one (usually multiple!) Off-White x Nike/Jordan release they missed out on a wish they could have had. Usually suspects include the Jordan 1 series (of course), the Presto, and the Air Max 90.

For me? It was the Serena Williams Off white x Air Max 97.

The sneaker’s liberal use of pink and purple definitely requires a man confident in his masculinity (or embracing of his lack thereof – either is fine!) to pull off, but man, I really love that shoe.

How do you feel about the Serena Williams Air Force 1?

Kanye West Calls Out Adidas…Again

Ye and Adidas yet again have friction, as the rap superstar has aired the sneaker making giant out recently, accusing them of making a bunch of business decisions – such as the creation of Yeezy Day – without his approval.

Fans from all over weighed in on the beef between Ye and the world’s 2nd most popular sneaker brand.

#ASPIslanders, how do you feel about this persistent riff between the two giants? Personally, Kanye has generated countless money for Adidas, and while that certainly doesn’t mean he gets to call every shot, it should come with a strong degree of consideration and respect. With that said, is Yeezy Day really a bad thing? Sound off below.

Cherry 11s Touchdown this Christmas

We’re about 4 months away from the holiday season, and you know what that means; you’re about to see a whole lot of patent leather on feet at your local malls. That’s right folks, the Jordan 11 is making it annual return this Christmas in a white and red “cherry colorway”.

The Jordan 11 is among the most celebrated sneakers of all time. The first of the Jordan line to introduce patent leather, and arguably the sneaker that popularized it, the shoe is synonymous with Jordan’s triumphant return to basketball after a brief baseball sabbatical – a precursor to his 2nd “Three-peat” in the mid to late 90s.

Part of the reason the Jordan 11 is so beloved is because it usually sticks to its principals of color-blocking simplicity. As indicated by the historical number of units sold of the “Bred” and “Cool Grey” 11s in recent years, quality materials and easily wearable colors on a beautiful silhouette go a long way.

That’s right folks, we’re gonna forget for a second that this sneaker below ever happened.

The Cherry Jordan 11 is primed to be one of the hottest sneakers of the year. Will you be grabbing a pair, or are you waiting out for the other 11 rumored to be dropping?

Anyone Know How to Shrink feet?

No Treasure Cove is complete without first asking #WhyTho? This time, our aim is directed solely at Jordan Brand, but in a change of pace, it isn’t because the sneaker is lacking or ugly, but because it’s too fire and most of us can’t wear them!

The “Messy Room” Jordan 4 is a colorway that immediately grabbed the attention of many and was marked down with the highest praise a sneakerhead can give a shoe – a “must cop”.

That is until we all saw that the sneaker will be a Grade School size exclusive and therefore unavailable to anyone who isn’t a child or a woman unless your feet are unusually small.

The clearly Union 4 inspired sneaker is a looker, but I won’t be able to wear them. As a 10.5 who can fit into all women’s sneakers that extend to a 12, a source of pride for me as a collector, I now have to take the L, but Nike…


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