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Treasure Cove #8: Kicking off Your Week with The Latest in Sneaker News

Welcome to ASP’s Weekly Sneaker News event, Treasure Cove. Here, you’ll find news covering a wide array of topics: the popular, the bizarre, the intriguing and the rumored. While each Treasure Cove will be different, the one thing you can always expect is we’re always going to be celebrating a love for the thing that likely brought you here – sneakers!

On this week’s jam-packed edition of Treasure Cove, we discuss the shoe display game changing forever, Nike and Jordan Brand’s latest signature athletes, the potential return of a classic Jordan 4 and Kobe 6 colorway, and why Balenciaga seems focused on being the #WhyTho champion for al of 2022. This is Treasure Cove #8!

Is the Greatest Display Case of All Time Upon Us?

Our first Treasure Cove gave major props to Costco for selling high quality, affordable display containers. I’m not sure how many of you took our advice and snatched a few up, but for those who haven’t, you might want to wait just a little.

Tech giants LG have announced the upcoming Styler ShoeCase, which aims to display your stylish kicks and keep odor at bay.

LG's new display units are gorgeous and very next gen.

The display unit is designed to reduce moisture and remove odors with its “TrueSteam” and “Zero-Dry Filter” technology. LG boasts that the case can refresh up to 4 sneakers in under 40 minutes. Nice.

Sneakerheads if we actually wore our sneakers (I'm kidding)

I can’t imagine these bad boys being cheap, but techies and sneakerheads alike with the expendable income to spare will certainly have their eyes on a release, which is still TBA.

Thunder 4 for 2023?

Some people believe you shouldn’t listen to rumors. Of course, those people aren’t sneakerheads, because our community knows that anytime there is smoke in the world of rumors, there’s usually fire.

…or in this case, Thunder! The “Thunder” Jordan 4, last seen in 2012, is likely to be making a return in 2023.

Is anyone surprised? The Jordan 4 “Lightning” released last year, and was a top pick for many sneakerheads. It was really only a matter of when, not if, its sibling sneaker would be returning as well.

This year saw the release of the “Red Thunder”, which is the Thunder with all the yellow accents swapped for red. The sneaker was one of the most anticipated Jordans to release this year, further justifying the eventual release of the original.

It’s shaping up to be a big 2023 for the Jumpman logo. Sneakers also rumored to be releasing next year include…

· Jordan 2 – Cool Grey

· Jordan 3 – Wizards

· Jordan 11 – Colombia (!!!)

· Jordan 1 – Pink Denim

· Jordan 1 – Celtics

· Jordan 6 – Toro

· Jordan 14 – Laney

And many others. To give yourself the best chance of securing kicks like these and more at great prices, be sure to keep it locked with ASP and become a member.

Kobe 6 Prelude Rumored

What’s your favorite Kobe sneaker? Is it the 5? The 6? Maybe you’re into the later models or earlier models?

Whatever your choice, one thing is almost unanimously agreed on; the sneaker world is a better place a much better place with the Bryant family and Nike once again on good terms. After a rocky couple of years, Kobe Bryant is once again a featured signature athlete for the swoosh, and you know what that means? More classic colorways incoming!

The Kobe 6 “Prelude” is one of the more outstanding sneakers in the late Laker great’s substantial catalog. Featuring an ocean green base with vivid and a colorful illustration of palm trees and various forms of aquatic life across the upper, the sneaker celebrates Kobe’s All Star Game MVP and was released along with other sneakers as a “prelude” to the eventual release of the Kobe 9.

Despite Kobe not getting to wear much of the prelude series due to injury, the Kobe 6 part of that line up is one of the more beloved parts of his collection. Will you be copping a pair?

Ja Morant and Jayson Tatum Secure the Bag

If someone asked a NBA fan who are the future of the guard and forward positions, there’s a really good chance the vast majority would have Grizzlies’ point guard Ja Morant and Celtics’ small forward Jayson at the top of both lists.

Ja Morant’s loud, in your face style (both on and off the court) has captivated the hearts of many hoops fans – especially the youth. His 2021-2022 performance had him near the top of MVP lists throughout the year, and the future has never looked brighter for Memphis Grizzlies basketball because of it. Ja has a personality perfect for the “social media era” of sports today. It is because of these reasons that Nike has made Ja their next signature athlete, joining the ranks of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Giannis Antetokounmpo and the late, great Kobe Bryant. Ja’s first shoe is set to drop next year.

While Jayson Tatum’s year didn’t end with a championship like he and Celtics faithful expected, the sky still seems to be the limit for the 24 year old star. Tatum, who has been signed to Jordan Brand for years, has been known to wear eye-popping, exclusive Jordan “Player Edition” (rare sneakers made specifically for signed athletes), such as his Mustang-themed Jordan 14.

The cool and easy going forward, who is routinely compared to great scorers such as Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, will finally be getting his own shoe next season.

Which player do you guys like more, and who do you feel will have the better shoe? My money is on Ja! I feel Nike is really about to come through a fire design for him.

If you have a love for all things Nike Basketball and are missing some key pairs for your collection, sign up to become an ASP member today and secure some fire for your feet!

#WhyTho?: Thirsty(for attention)? Why Wait

We wrap things up by asking the same question we always do - #WhyTho? And honestly, is anyone coming close to Balenciaga when it comes to claiming the 2022 Clout Heavyweight Championship?

The desire to be looked at and talked about is a natural feeling for most, and definitely not a foreign concept to sneakerheads or fashionistas. Fully aware of this but uninterested in considering the limits most of us have when it comes garnering the aforementioned attention we desire, Balenciaga continues to push things to the extreme.

That’s why it wasn’t all that surprising when images leaked of water-bottle-themed slippers with their name on it.

While it was quickly confirmed to be a photoshop, the fact that nobody batted an eyelid at the credibility of the shoe’s existence speaks volumes about Balenciaga’s outlandish reputation in the industry.

When it comes to clout and attention, it costs money to be thirsty! And while you can’t get a pair of these fake slippers, you can purchase this nifty $170 water bottle to keep hydrated! Hey! No complaining about the price.. Stainless steel ain't cheap!

We call that two #WhyTho’s for the price of 1.

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