At ASP, we are dedicated to getting you the sneakers you want. Cop kicks at retail by purchasing drop slots or let our dedicated team of sneaker gatherers search and negotiate the best sneaker deals for you. To meet all our members' needs we charge a monthly finder’s fee. Each of our tiers varies by the number of reservations we can fulfill at a time and the per sneaker price of a request. Take a look at our pricing plans below and find the one that’s best for you! 

  • Fanatic

    Perfect For Those Who Only Want To Cop At Retail Price
    Free Plan
    • Access To ASP Retail Drop Slots (No Ticket Limit).
    • No Access To Sneaker Reservations.
  • Prospect

    Every month
    Perfect For Per Sneaker Budgets Between $0-$300
    • Request Sneakers Valued At $300 and Below.
    • 3 Active Sneaker Reservations at a Time.
    • 20% Off Access To ASP Retail Drop Slots (Limit 20 Tickets).
  • All-Star

    Every month
    Perfect For Per Sneaker Budgets Between $0-$500
    • Request Sneakers Valued At $500 and Below.
    • 4 Active Sneaker Reservations at a Time.
    • 25% Off Access To ASP Retail Drop Slots (Limit 30 Tickets).
  • MVP

    Every month
    Perfect For Per Sneaker Budgets With No Limit
    • Request Sneakers Valued at Any Price.
    • 5 Active Sneaker Reservations at a Time.
    • 30% Off Access To ASP Retail Drop Slots (Limit 40 Tickets).



How many tasks per slot/ticket?

Each slot/ticket will allow you up to 5 tasks. Each task is an added automated chance to checkout sneakers for retail price faster than you can manually on your personal devices. Each task will be run on different websites to increase your chances of checkouts. To run more tasks, you must buy more slots/tickets.

Is checkout guaranteed?

Slots are simply added chances for you to be able to secure the sneakers you want at retail price at a faster speed than you can accomplish running manual on your own devices. Since, sneaker stock is limited in general, checkout is not guaranteed.

What will happen with our card information?

Once a drop has concluded all profiles will be deleted which includes all personal information that we have collected for the drop such as name, credit card information and home addresses.

How do I know if I got a sneaker?

After the release drop has concluded, customers whose slots/tickets have hit will receive an email confirmation to the email provided in our slot form from the retail company in which their slot has hit. However, due to ghost checkouts this does not always mean you got the sneaker. Therefore, you must wait until you have received a shipping confirmation to know for sure if your sneaker purchase has gone through.


How do I request sneakers?

Only ASP members with a paid plan can request sneakers (Prospect, All-Star, & MVP plans). Requesting sneakers is mainly intended for sneakers that have already been released and will be avaliable for purchase at competitive resale pricing. For the chance to recieve sneakers at retail, consider purchasing 'Retail Drop Slots'.

How many sneakers can I request?

There is no limit to how many sneakers you can request but we willl only fulfill the amount of sneakers your plan states (ex. Prospect- 3 Active Sneaker Reservations at a time).

What kind of sneakers can I request?

You can request any sneaker that you desire within your plans stated price cap (ex Propsect- Sneakers Valued at or below $300). If a sneaker has not been released yet you may consider purchasing retail drop slots that will provide you with the chance to acquire sneakers at retail price.

How long are my sneakers reserved for?

Once your requested sneaker has come in, you will be notified and have up until the 'hold until' date to purchase.


What is the difference between retail drop slots and requesting sneakers?

Retail Drop Slots are your chance to increase your opportunity at getting the sneakers you want on their release day.

Requesting sneakers are for those sneakers you missed on release day and are no longer available at retail price.

What is a sneaker reservation?

A sneaker reservation is for when we have acquired a sneaker that you have requested and are being held for your exclusive purchase. Each reservation ends by the next subscription renewal period.



Preview the most popular styles you can request within your price range!

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